4 New Steps in the Communication Strategy

2 min readAug 5, 2020


How to build a strong community? Listen to what they want and take care of them.

MBN is moving in a transparent direction and wants to build a community based on trust. For this goal, we have defined the following actions.

1. Regular communication

We will communicate regularly about our business developments to keep you up-to-date. For this purpose, we have planned three reports:

A) Weekly traders performance report

B) Monthly traders performance report

C) Monthly MBN general report

Traders performance reports (A+B) will be published in our official Telegram channel https://t.me/mbnglobal_ann.

In the monthly MBN general report, we inform you about our business development progress of the last month. We will publish this in the first half of the new month on the official Medium account: https://medium.com/@mbnglobal

In July there was a lot of technical development done to strengthen the robustness of the MBN platform and there were some business topics to solve, which we can’t talk about yet. There is a new draft in progress for the trust management process, but still in the raw version and too early to show. Generally, we have a growing amount of traders and investors that join MBN, so by August 4th, we have a total of 80k USDT assets under management.

The first MBN general report will be for August and published until mid of September. Please tell us what kind of information you would like to see there.

2. Clarification of open points

We will write and publish an article to clarify open points with the community and create a solid basis of trust.

3. MBN Staking explained

The most common questions we receive from the community are about staking. We have already published several articles about this, but this information is scattered and we will write a new article that explains all the information about the staking mechanism and how to participate in it.

4. New communication manager

We are happy to introduce our loyal and longtime community member Unchained Ninja as our new communication manager. He will support us in any communication aspects and takes care of a good atmosphere in the community. He listens to what the community wants and is the direct link between the community and the MBN core team.

We look forward to a great future together and thank you for your loyalty.

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