4 New Steps in the Communication Strategy

1. Regular communication

We will communicate regularly about our business developments to keep you up-to-date. For this purpose, we have planned three reports:

2. Clarification of open points

We will write and publish an article to clarify open points with the community and create a solid basis of trust.

3. MBN Staking explained

The most common questions we receive from the community are about staking. We have already published several articles about this, but this information is scattered and we will write a new article that explains all the information about the staking mechanism and how to participate in it.

4. New communication manager

We are happy to introduce our loyal and longtime community member Unchained Ninja as our new communication manager. He will support us in any communication aspects and takes care of a good atmosphere in the community. He listens to what the community wants and is the direct link between the community and the MBN core team.



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