MBN Global, the risk management platform that safely connects traders and investors via blockchain smart contracts, proudly informs you about the latest technical development done.

We performed a front-end update, including the following three additions and optimizations requested by the community.

New: Active and finished contracts history added

How to build a strong community? Listen to what they want and take care of them.

MBN is moving in a transparent direction and wants to build a community based on trust. For this goal, we have defined the following actions.

1. Regular communication

Today we are excited to announce that the MBN token has been listed on Uniswap with MBN/ETH trading available there.

Uniswap currently is one of the leading decentralized exchange protocols, which allows performing instant swaps with the use of your ERC20 wallet. It also utilizes on-chain liquidity pools that allow…


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