Ask Me Anything with CEO Yuriy Gerasimov (05.08.2019) : Summary
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August 5TH MBN Platform held an Ask Me Anything session at MBN official telegram chat. From MBN’s side, there was the Co-founder and CEO of — Yuriy Gerasimov.

Main points discussed today:

COF 1st Round Start Details — check the article.

During COF traders must trade on MBN platform.

Results of COF trading — will be convenient to check after updates implementation.

MBN token usage update — we launching paid services on the platform and the tokens will be used as a payment method for most features of the platform.

Next tournament update we expect it to start soon.

All use cases which will be ON since the COF started — The list is really big, man! Scroll and check it out.

When the platform services will become paid? — With a next update.

What will happen next to tokens paid as a fee? — Paid tokens are going to COF.

Wanna read the full text and more answers of today’s AMA? Scroll down, enjoy ;)

Please take a look at the article about the launch of the COF. It is great news for all of us, and 5 traders from our community are working now on real investors contracts, making their first steps to receive financial freedom!

Here are the most interesting questions:

Q: I also think like an investor, MBN should mainly allow me to browse various investment (smart) contracts. Right now you can browse by investor and one investor can have one configuration of an investment contract (like profit, time, etc…):
A: Yes, right now the contract workflow is set up by the trader, but we are exploring the most convenient way for users to cooperate. I agree that investor should take an active part in setting the contract. We are working on a different approach, where investor set his own conditions, or negotiate with the trader to agree on certain contract conditions. Would love to hear what you find the best way.

Q: So is the Artem Pervushin like the main trader? And he’ll manage all other traders?
A: Well, let me share more about the COF structure and how we distribute the funds so you will have a full picture.

We got a pool of traders with different strategies. So we balance the funds across all of them, so maximize the benefits from their strategies by matching the contract duration and risk-management stops. And Pervushin as the most advance trader — received the biggest part to work with.

Q: So traders during COF must trade on MBN platfrom?
A: Yes, they trade on MBN platform

Q: Can we see the results of their trading in the platform?
A: The results would be seen with Profile update we are currently working on. The will be seen each individual contracts and their total results.

Q: When this update will be implemented?
A: We are right now in cosmetics changes, so it will come shortly!

Q: Does the payment of the fees in MBN tokens already required COF traders?
A: For the fees — they are paid in USDT because the first contract is set up so. For MBN usage — I got some things to share

Q: Like which things to share regarding tokens?
A: Okay, regarding MBN usage. This is what I wanted to speak with you about.

We are also launching paid services on the platform and the tokens will be used as a payment method for most features of the platform.

I know you all are used to have them free and use them in your work time, but there are bigger benefits for us if tokens will be actively circulating on the platform. And the flow is very smooth, you will need to unlock certain features by paying from your Metamask wallet. Hope you won’t find it as a big thing.

While it all happening, we are making an article with a step-by-step guide on how to unlock all the features with a new update that is coming!

Q: Will you delete the current list of traders that you have on platform?
A: Yes, the competition is reworked into Trading Tournaments. The current list of traders will be here to follow the prize distribution schedule.

Q: Artem got 15k in Management for this round right?
A: Yes, that’s right. He got 15k and 3 months contract, to match his trading strategy with long term trades

Q: Why other traders got just 30 days duration, not Like Artem Pervushin for 90 days?
A: Other traders have different strategies, mostly short-turn and day-trading, so they are left with shorter contracts. But that has an upper side, from their results COF rewards will be distributed each month.

Q: Like everything that we can use on the platform soon will be more or less set for subscribing fee?
A: The trading terminal with support of various exchanges and portfolio will be always free. But advanced features, such as conditional orders, analyzer or trust-management contracts will require paying the monthly MBN subscription payment, Thou it will be really little.

Q: Like all 5 trades in one time will share the results and feedback of the platform using. Even in video format would be cool.
A: Yeah, agree, that’s a cool one! For sure we will make an AMA with them.

Q: When will the next tournament get started?
A: We expected it to start a bit earlier, but there were hot fixed with COF so we choose not to rush with the trading tournaments. On this weekend we will set the prize distribution schedule and inform you about the next tournament.

Q: Well, anyway that’s a good thing I think. Increasing of use cases of the token?
A: Yes, exactly! I believe it is a highly important part and we need to focus on it right now. Yesterday, we discussed with Sebastian about highly complicated asset management features and that they are also needed, but in my opinion, and hope you share it with me, token use cases is the priority.

Q: Can you name all use cases which will be ON since the COF started?
A: The list is really big, man!

Well, in the nearest update you would be able to access such features:

  1. conditional orders that don’t freeze the balance
  2. analyzer to monitor the volume changes
  3. hashlog to verify trade history
  4. receive funds in management

With the next update that will be about COF stage 2, much more use-cases will come. Users can:

  1. lockup MBN tokens as collateral to receive leverage funds
  2. access COF with their own funds as a collateral and receive better conditions
  3. lending funds to receive profits in chosen currencies

Q: I hope Artem will share his feedback about trading with MBN on his YouTube channel?
A: Yeah, I also hope so! He has a big community and we open doors to greet them

Q: I didn’t see that in your roadmap. Is that fresh one?
A: The roadmap has the main milestones of development. And we always add there some minor updates, based on what we hear from You guys and what changes needed to be done. So yeah, there could be differences.

Q: Which one do you think will be the most paid/ used?
A: I think the conditional orders and trust-management contracts will be the most used. If you haven’t tried it for now — you really had to do it, cos later it will be a paid feature!!

Q: How fast features will be moved to paid? All features will be opened on subscription payment?
A: This will come with a next update. Yeah, all features will be on a subscription payment model.

Q: So this subscription can be counted as the main use cases of the token?
A: No, it’s not the correct. Understand it as you get connected to the ecosystem network. With all the features and business opportunities. You can access to funds with MBN tokens, you can trade crypto without exchange account with MBN tokens, you can open tools to gain benefits. This is all the same.

Q: What will happen next to this tokens that paid for service?
A: Paid tokens are going to COF, to fuel more and more events for the community.

Q: How about the commission inside the platform? Do you have this as a use cases inside the platform?
A: The platform commission mostly will be included in the token subscribe payments. There are few certain cases, where a commission is taken aside of the MBN tokens, like contracts for asset management, but it is still, done with 1-click on the platform.

Q: MBN to the moon?
MBN to the moon!

Guys, I think we got fewer questions today because it’s a very busy Monday for all of us.

I would like to thank everyone for participating and if you miss the AMA and have more questions — feel free to list it here, I will answer them during the evening!

Have a good and resultative week for everyone!

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