COF Tokens Distribution, Asset Managers Rewards, Token Burn

What is COF — Community Operated Fund

The community operated fund is a pool of crypto assets, capitalized from the MBN team, community members, and external investors, which is managed by traders from the MBN community.

Stake your MBN and get 10–15% of the COF profit

COF token reserve distribution

According to our distribution schedule, COF tokens moved from the lock-up contract to the distribution contract, and the vesting period has started. A total of 200m tokens will be distributed for the next 24 months.

The list of incentives contains the following points:

  1. Rewards for asset managers and COF participants;
  2. Weekly staking payments;
  3. Increasing the liquidity;
  4. Remaining tokens to be burned.
  1. Asset manager rewards — 430'639 MBN
  2. Staking — 1'744'275 MBN
  3. Liquidity — 1'319'410 MBN
  4. Burned — 9'565'727 MBN

Are you a PRO trader? Join our loyalty program for Asset Managers

We currently have an ongoing loyalty program for asset managers, with 25M MBN to be distributed during this period to active traders who perform in COF and take part in promotion activities.

  1. Become an asset manager on the MBN platform. If you don’t have an account yet, this is an excellent time to get started
  2. Link your Telegram account in the profile page and verify your account with our telegram bot — @mbnplatform_bot
  3. Apply for the asset management program by filling out this form, which is also available on the website and in the telegram bot.



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