Community Questions Answered and AMA Announcement

Let’s take a look into the history of MBN

MBN launched as Membrana in Summer 2017. We planned to release the alpha version of the MBN platform at first and then do an ICO (initial coin offering). So we wanted to have the product done before doing marketing, as it’s all about a reliable product. Once we released the alpha version, we raised funds from Coinbar to continue the development. It was beginning of the 2018 right when the bear market came. Funds that were raised were locked in ETH and the value of our ETH almost halved. We continued the development through the crypto winter of 2018 and canceled the ICO due to bad market conditions. We had to cancel many partnerships, made our experience with airdrops, and the team split up. Today, we’re bulletproof and ready to rock.

Tell us more about the team

Today the core team consists of three MBN founders. We work with part-time members based on specific project needs for research and development. Also, the advisors’ role changed a lot, and now we’ve got good networking connections thanks to them. The team topic is essential and we will add an updated team page to cover it.

Rebranding to MBN Global

In January 2020, when market prices were going green again, some of the old team members tried to take over MBN. Thanks to our strong community, we were able to reject this, but it forced us to rebrand to MBN Global and create a new website and new social media channels. So the official MBN channels are the ones below.

Team token distribution delayed

Initially, the unlock for the team tokens was planned one year after the IEO. To improve and secure the MBN market stability, we delayed the distribution for another year and added a vesting period. A smart contract address is holding the team tokens. For distribution, they would be transferred to vesting contract and starting from Q4 2020 team tokens would be distributed during the 12 months period.

Ongoing Token burn

As informed in our latest article, the COF reserve token unlock has started and lasts 24 months. We use these tokens for COF trader rewards, staking, and to provide liquidity on exchanges. All unused tokens are burned every month. So the first unlock was a total of 13m MBN tokens, of which 9.5m were burned. It will be each month ~8.3m tokens unlocked for the and ~3–5m will be burned, depending on the used tokens.

The 30% token buyback plan will come

Right now, we focus on the final release of the MBN platform in the first place.

What’s up with the global trader’s competition

We trusted our crypto assets to traders, so they can start using and exploring the MBN platform and participate in the competition. We covered the losses and profits were paid to the traders weekly for one year on the hardest market conditions.

We are looking for asset managers

Our focus is to get real traders on MBN, that will manage community funds. During the last few months, we acquired several great asset managers like APEX, KTRON, FAIRLOSS, ROHITWORKSS and others. To push this, we’re offering great rewards for pro traders in our loyalty program (scroll down), please have a look.

Outlook to COF 2.0

Once we get enough profitable traders on the platform and completed all technical and business requirements, we’ll start another round of the community operated fund. We’re also working on several UI changes, so you can easily follow the MBN platform’s COF activity and join it.

Current development and roadmap update

There were many updates on the platform side (UI, backend, trading engine, smart-contract, management logic, currency sell-off, staking, asset groups, trading desk improvements). You may have missed it — or we just didn’t communicate it well enough. As already announced, we’ll be more transparent and will update you about recent development with the upcoming first MBN general report in early September 2020.

AMA with CryptoGuerrillas

That’s a lot of information and you may have questions. So we’ll do an AMA with Crypto Guerrillas . Please join our announcement channel and follow our twitter to get the details once it’s published.



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