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This long read consist of 5 parties:
1) What is Final Release?
2) Final Release: Stage 1 & Stage 2;
3) Plans for future development and global vision;
4) Marketing product strategy;
5) Marketing initiative: connect account and gain a free PRO service plan.

What is Final Release?

Final Release (FR) is a useful product functionality that solves user problems and creates value for them.

Our platform — MBN Platformprovides secure asset management services on smart-contracts, where trading history is recorded on the blockchain. We also provide the opportunity to invest in our own trading algorithms through our own fund — COF — in which an investor who does not want to make research of the strategies of different traders and trading algorithms can safely delegate his assets to a decentralized pool of portfolio managers (asset managers).

How does the MBN solve problems in the asset management industry?

The main problem in the market of trading and asset management is the lack of trust which causes traders and investors to lose their assets due to fraud actions and lack of transparency.

We identified 4 main types of issues:

  1. What is the real ROI of the trader? In fact, we don’t know whether the true statement is shown by the trader since statistics and reviews can be falsified.
  2. How effective is the trading strategy of the trader? How an investor can protect themselves from big losses? A positive statement that a trader demonstrates can be generated on a short section of market growth, and as soon as the “black swan” arrives, the trader can experience a flash drawdown and, as a result, the investor may be in a big loss.
  3. Not everyone familiar with the API Trading, but it is not perfect either. API Trading provides an additional level of security, but there are different ways of how people can avoid it, ex. — The trader can buy a low liquid asset utilizing investor capital, and manipulate it with self-interest, where the investor will lose his capital.
  4. How can a trader be sure that an investor will pay him a commission?
    “Pay in advance” strategy requires a lot of trust between investor and trader, which sometimes lead to an unexpected negative outcome.
    Trader, that decides to take the payment after contract will be closed, is in a vulnerable position where the investor can deceive him, although all conditions have been met.

The market is constantly changing, literally every 2–3 months. Therefore, for us, “Final Release” has never been a well-formed set of project features. It changed regularly, while we tried to focus on actual priority in different directions. Now we have crafted enough knowledge to understand which direction of work will be most effective for the MBN platform, as a platform working on the SaaS model and for tokenomics, i.e. to increase demand for MBN token.

Today, we are pleased to publish the final vision of Final Release. Final Release consists of Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Final Release: Stage 1

Timeline: November — April

  1. MBN token staking = done
  2. MBN token as a payment on the Platform = done
  3. Asset groups = done
  4. Kucoin API = done
  5. New UI/UX for choosing markets = March
  6. New trading charts system = March
    Orders are displayed right on the charts.
  7. Trading bots = April
    Trading bot mechanics is based on Futures trading with Leverage. The Bot can generate revenue during bear and bull markets either.
  8. Rebranding = April
    new web-site
    new Twitter / Telegram group
    app.mbn.platform instead of
    new business model.
  9. Backend: to sell coins if trader stoped out = April
  10. Marketing Telegram bot = April

Final Release: Stage 2

Timeline: May — June

  1. New UI/UX for the Profile page
  2. New UI/UX for Contracts history page
  3. New UI/UX for Service plans page
  4. Updated SC for contracts: easier mechanics
  5. New SC for contracts: unlimited duration
  6. The commission in USDT and DAI
  7. Service plans are payable in USDT
  8. COF as an independent profile
  9. New architecture for servers (individual server for each exchange)
  10. Backend updating
  11. Fixing bugs and testing.

Plans for future development

Timeline: Q3-Q4 2020

  • Connection of Bitmex, Binance Futures
  • Establish the commission from the overall contract amount
  • MBN token holders get lower rates for the commission from the overall contract amount (exchange model)
  • Referral system
  • Staking 2.0: invite investors, share rewards and gain additional rewards (IOST model)
  • Hashlog (proof-of-trade system) Mainnet
  • License for Community Operated Fund (COF)
  • Trading charts based on Volume
  • Analyzer trading tool.

Global plans for development

  • Mobile version (iOS, Android)
  • OTC Deck release
  • Collateral system.

Marketing product strategy

Timeline: April-August

The objective of this stage is to reach a stable growth of the user base while keeping the cost of attracting the user lower than the earnings from it. Thus, we set the convergence of Unit-Economy and can scale the marketing campaign in the future.

Attracting new users is built in 3 directions:
1. Attracting individual investors
2. Attraction Asset managers (Portfolio managers)
3. Conducting Trading Competitions.

First Stage: Attraction of individual investors is carried out through:

  1. Telegram bot, which simplifies the choice of a trader and the procedure for concluding a contract for asset management.
  2. AMA sessions in the trading and investment communities.

Second Stage: Global marketing contains classic types of advertising, such as social networks, context (PPC) and others.

The attraction of Asset managers (Portfolio managers) is carried out as a result of personal negotiations, disclosing the advantages of the platform.

The Trading Competitions will be held in partnership with exchanges and other trading platforms.

In more detail, the business model is being developed in an independent document. At the request of investors, we can provide it personally.

What’s next? Connect the account and gain a free PRO service plan!

We announce a marketing initiative: gain a free PRO service plan at

What should I do to gain a free PRO service plan?

  1. Connect account with 500 USDT minimum on the balance via API keys to the during April and gain a free PRO service plan for 4 weeks.
  2. Connect account with 300 USDT minimum on the balance via API keys to the during April and gain a free PREMIUM service plan for 4 weeks.

Details will be published in the next few days.

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