MBN development update 10/2020

3 min readOct 19, 2020


MBN Global, the risk management platform that safely connects traders and investors via blockchain smart contracts, proudly informs you about the latest technical development done.

We performed a front-end update, including the following three additions and optimizations requested by the community.

New: Active and finished contracts history added

Finally, you can see your active and finished contracts with your asset managers and investors. For each contractor, you’ll see the start and finish date, start and finish balance, profit made, and the fees. You’ll have three tabs to switch between active contracts, finished contracts, and orders. Check the page here: https://app.mbn.global/history/contracts

New: “How it works” page added

To help our new investors and traders to get started with the MBN platform, we’ve added a new page called “How it works”. On this page, you can find video guides that have been created recently. We may also update this section with more information over time.

Check the page here: https://app.mbn.global/howitworks

Optimization: Pop-up error window changed to a small notification

So far, for several actions like placing an order with insufficient funds, an error window popped up, which required a click to hide it. We’ve removed that and replaced it with a small notification on the bottom right side for smoother user experience.

More Terminal updates made in Q3 / 2020

We’ve also made these updates to the MBN Terminal during Q3 / 2020:

  • Added close date for closed orders;
  • Added functionality to switch markets by clicking on it in the Pair/Exchange column;
  • The last selected fund will be remembered and preselected across logins;
  • Fixed the numbers shown in scientific notation (e.g., 5e-5).

Up next: Additional MBN token usage and Binance futures

Our highest priorities in the development backlog are to add more value to our MBN token and the implementation of Binance futures. The latter will allow our asset managers to place short orders and trade with leverage on Binance and provide better opportunities to generate profit during bear markets. We’re working on this right now and expect it to be released during Q4 / 2020.

What’s next?

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