MBN listing on Bidesk, going away from ABCC

We are choosing Bidesk because it is a rapidly growing exchange which has limited markets with high liquidity. With everything in the count, the trading experience and the liquidity is what matters the most for expanding the ecosystem.

We are also happy to inform that our community members will have a special trading fee of 0.05% in the first 6 months.

And what is MBN ecosystem?

MBN is a decentralized financial ecosystem, which provides access to the marketplace of asset management. MBN platforms offer secure trading and assets management via smart-contracts, transparent trader’s history recorded in the blockchain and many other tools for traders and investors.

MBN will be listed on Bidesk on the 11th of February 2019 paired with USDT and ETH.

The trading will be open 11th Feb at 12:00 AM CET (11 AM UTC). We will launch an AMA session in the official Bidesk telegram after the market open to answer all the questions and introduce MBN platform in more detail. Please ensure that you join Bidesk Telegram.

MBN going away from ABCC exchange

We are working to keep our markets active and safe for our community, that’s why we make a decision to part ways with ABCC exchange.

Farewell ABCC

We’ve been receiving feedback from our community members that leads us to close the markets there and move forward. We don’t wanna state anything regarding the status of ABCC, but we suggest our community members to withdraw MBN tokens for different markets and trade on other exchange.

Closing of the markets will start on 14th Feb, 1500 (GMT+8) and ends on 21st Feb, 1500 (GMT+8).

Buy $MBN token on exchanges:
1inch ( MBN/ETH)
Bilaxy (MBN/ETH)

Know more about MBN.global:
Website Telegram Twitter




Ecosystem for Assets Under Management. We made asset management safe. https://mbn.global

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Ecosystem for Assets Under Management. We made asset management safe. https://mbn.global

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