The international team of MBN Global, which has been making a breakthrough in trust management of digital assets, has announced the launch of the alpha version of MBN platform. Today is one of the best days for MBN, and you are also among the first to rate the project.


The team is now open to receive feedback from users and welcome your well wishes.

So, what features are already available?

Desktop Version and Mobile Version

MBN platform is fully operating on desktop and mobile. Both versions have similar design and features, while mobile version is optimized for the small screen of mobile phones and tablet PCs.


The user is authorized to access MBN platform with his or her Ethereum wallet. It can be done by signing a message with Metamask web plug-in on a desktop browser. Also, the user can access the platform using Toshi, or Cipher browser from his or her mobile phone.

Adding Bittrex Exchange Key API

The user can add API key of his or her Bittrex account on MBN platform. The key allows self-trading through internal terminal. Also, API key is required to give a trader an access to operate with investors’ funds.

After the addition of his or her API key, a user can set restrictions for available trading pairs.

Placement and Execution of Orders on the Crypto-Exchange through Internal Trading Terminal

In the alpha version, a user can place and execute orders, view his or her balance, work with index chart and chart of market depth. Besides, the user is able to observe his or her open orders and trade history.

Sending and Receiving Requests for Trust Management

Thanks to MBN platform, an investor can choose a favorable trader based on the expected return (ROI) and contract specification: target profit, contract time, maximum loss, and commission of the trader. When the investor has made a choice on a particular trader, he or she will send the trader a request for trust management, which, in turn, confirmed through his or her personal cabinet.

Work in Mainnet Ethereum and in Ropsten Testnet

Currently, activities on the platform are possible using Ethereum blockchain and Ropsten Testnet. Choices are available for users to use either of them.

When a deal is approved by both users, all parameters are deployed into Ethereum or Ropsten smart-contract. Parameters of the deal can’t be changed and smart-contract is automatically executed when target parameters are reached.

Provide Access to Trade through the API Key

MBN platform trust management algorithm can be tested in its alpha version. When a smart-contract is deployed, a trader is allowed access for trading on investors’ funds through the internal trading terminal. It is connected with a private database, where an investor’s API key is stored.

View Terms of the Contract in Etherscan System

As soon as the contract for trust management is concluded between an investor and a trader, it is deployed in Ethereum blockchain. The smart-contract can’t be changed, but users, at any time, have access through Etherscan system.

Try it right now!

Have some questions?

If you have any questions regarding the MBN project do not hesitate to contact us!

We will be glad to answer any questions about our project.

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