MBN Global is announcing Global Traders Competition!

This is real trading with real money!

Every week from the start of the competition, traders will receive money for trading on MBN platform to compete with each other.
At the end of each competitive week, 5 best traders will receive:
1. All of their winnings on Ethereum wallet;
2. Tournament points, depending on their rank position;
3. Official MBN hoodie;
4. Entry ticket for MBN Global meetup event.

Tournament point will be equal to MBN tokens, so that participants will receive bonuses not only it Ethereum, but also in platform tokens. For the record, MBN tokens wont be sold through any crowdsale, so their availability is strongly limited.

We invite all traders to participate in this competition! We will share more details soon.

Just for remember — for early adopters we canceled traders FEE at MBN platform


Know more about MBN.global:
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