MBN: update in Tokenomics

2 min readDec 9, 2019


As many of you have noticed, our last steps in the development of the project were aimed at achieving more favorable conditions for platform users and ordinary investors.

Today, we are would like to announce another positive news: 100% of tokens belonging to the team, advisors and seed investors will remain locked for an additional period of time!

Detailed schedule

We see lots of benefits of having transparent data for our community, so we are presenting with accurate information regarding the economy in our token distribution system.

Token distribution schedule with delay and vesting prolongation

Community-driven events will be incentivized in the same manner as before and will not be subject to change.

What is the importance of this prolongation?

The coming prolongation will affect many aspects of our progress in the financial and cryptocurrency industry, so we decided to write about the main points:

  • We decided to publicly show the community and users our commitment to the project and the long-term prospects of MBN development!
  • Slow distribution has a positive effect on the domestic economy and reduces the negative impact of the external economy on the development of the ecosystem.
  • We believe that these amendments will help new users and investors to be less perplexed about the distribution of tokens and more immersed in our already working products.

We can safely say that this distribution schedule motivates us to focus more on key aspects of the project development — partnerships, technical improvements, customer acquisition and, in general, the development of financial instruments.

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