New era of the Trading Competition just begin. Join and earn

Global Trading Competition in numbers

It all started exactly 1 year ago, on 24/07/2018. All of the competitors were granted $100 to trade on Binance exchange, with the help of MBN trust management technology. Everyone started to trade, using their strategies and predictions and at the end of the competition week, there was a list of the winners. All the participants received not only the profits they made but also competition points, which could be used as MBN tokens on the platform!

List of the winners

The 1st place was taken by a trader who is known as @radix! Congratulations to him!!! He was showing great results throughout the whole competition and finished his performance with massive 958 tournament points, which is equal to 958,000 MBN tokens!

Prize structure, main part: $100,000

For the main prize, we are distributing worth of $100,000 in MBN tokens for the first 20 places! Distribution of the tokens will take place 3 months after the end of the competition.

Prize structure, points

We want to highlight all of the participants and pleased to say that who have earned tournament points will receive them on the balance! The point to MBN token ratio is 1/1000.

What’s next?

We liked the idea of the Global Trading Competition, but we see a lot of things to improve!

For example, we have a tournament for $22 ($20 entry fee and $2 commission fee) and 50 participants. So the total prize pool will be $1000 which will be distributed over the first 5 places. And also, important to mention, that all profits generated by traders during the competition week will be sent to their wallets!

We have a plan to launch lots of tournaments with different rules (such as weekly trading, weekend brawl, battle royal, blind ninja and many others) and we hope you would love this idea!



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