The best stories from the campaign “MBN Global for me is a…”

We started the marketing campaign “MBN Global for me is a…” to spread the world about MBN Global and the best way to do is to show real stories from users.

We got a lot of beautiful and interesting stories from our community. Here is a list of the winners with what they wrote.

  1. The first place goes to the user . He acting as an investor on MBN Platform.

MBN Global for me is a platform where I can trust my funds in a safe way to skilled traders or managers of my choice to obtain more gains from my funds.

….I can connect my funds through API with restricted rights (only trading rights) so that my funds will never leave the exchange unless I want it myself ;)

…I can choose a trader myself that fits my needs. I can check trader by their performance in the past and if they have currently contracts under management. Also a nice way is to see how many contracts they had where in profit and loss. This is all verified by a mechanism MBN Platform calls POT — proof of trade. The trades are locked in the blockchain so they can’t be manipulated. After selecting a trader it’s time to set up my contract with the trader.

My first contract I had a profit of 7%. After that I had 3 contracts with 2 out of 3 ended in profit.

…First of all I’m staking a LVL2 holder (300.000 tokens or more) This grants me the benefits of weekly staking rewards 3% and bi weekly ETH reward from a part of the profit made with the COF fund. So for example If there is 100.000 dollars in the COF fund and they make 10.000 Dollars profit you’ll get a part of this profit, bi weekly deposited on your eth address.

2. The second place goes to the user . He is a trader on MBN platform with 81% of profitable contracts.

Since the beginning, I thought MBN Trust management was a perfect idea to make crypto trading easy for everyone. To explain it simply, the idea is to choose one or several skilled traders who will manage your funds.

…Every trader set the contract details and you can choose between them. For example, the trader chooses to accept funds in BTC, ETH or USDT depending on their trading style. Target profit and max loss are also announced so you can make a choice according to your expectations.

…Every action from the trader is being recorded on chain with proof of trade (POT) concept so every trade and results are completely transparent on both sides.

…When trading for MBN , I usually prefer to take small gains over risking to have big losses. As of today, I had 30 contracts with positive results and only 7 contracts with negative results! That’s more than 81% of my contracts with positive results! And I will continue^^

I imagine what they can offer when the next wave of people will come in crypto as they provide easy access to trading for newcomers and lower the risk of losses, especially for inexperienced traders.

3. The third-place goes to the user . He acting as an investor on MBN Platform.

MBN for me was a 20% gain just in the month of August.

Profit chart

MBN for me is a current 13% profit in just 24 days through my current contract for asset under management.

Profit chart

MBN for me is also learning from the PROs while they manage your assets for you. aka. Proof-of-Trade

Traders profile

All winners will get the PRO service plan for the next 2 weeks as a reward for their activity. We invite all members to take part in this marketing campaign. Also, we pleased to send big thanks to users, who have sent their stories.

We are willing to hold more events like this, so all of the stories would be covered.

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