The partnership between MBN Global and Hacken: exploring new opportunities of trust management

No doubt that priority for any platform that deals with digital assets is security. In order to preserve the assets of users, members of cryptocurrency market prefer projects that support the credibility of a high-quality technical work. MBN Platform successfully moves in this direction by cooperating with well-known professional company in cyber security field such as Hacken.

Hacken is a tokenized ecosystem which provides a wide range of security services for companies of different types and sizes like ICO startups, well-established IT and blockchain companies, as well as governmental organizations. The variety of services includes Vulnerability Assessment, Smart Contracts Audit, Anti-Phishing, and Bug Bounty. The main feature of the ecosystem is that it is powered by the global community of white hat hackers driven by a common goal which is improving the global cybersecurity standards and reducing the increasing hacking threat within the crypto and IT industries.

Tokenized ecosystem means it is decentralized among the community. By having remuneration in HKNs, bug hunters and researchers are the main stakeholders of the Hacken Ecosystem. HKN’s price directly depends on such things as the quality of the provided services, the number of secured clients, and the overall size of the white hat community. Therefore, members of the community actively bring the best hackers and creat new challenges for new clients of the ecosystem.

Hacken already has a partnership with such prominent projects as Nucleus, NapoleonX, Leogolas Exchange, Remme, Neverdie, Nimses, Qbao, SONM, Neuromation, Gladius and others.

Hacken has recently performed the Smart Contract audit of MBN Platform . For 10 days, two independent auditors have been verifying the SC. They checked if the SC corresponded to the intended logic, and with the help of gas analysis, auditors ensured that unnecessary fees were not paid. Also, a research was done to discover any potential vulnerabilities which would allow unauthorized access or an opportunity for sensitive data to be stolen. Eventually, a detailed report of certification with recommendations was handed over to MBN Global.

By having performed the audit of the client’s infrastructure, the Hacken team made a conclusion that MBN Platform is quite safe as the identified vulnerabilities can be easily eliminated within a short within a short period of time.

MBN team thanks Hacken for the audit and informs that it has already implemented all relevant recommendations on Smart Contract security and on the alpha version of the site.

MBN Global and Hacken will continue their cooperation to ensure safety of MBN trust management algorithm.

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Ecosystem for Assets Under Management. We made asset management safe.

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Ecosystem for Assets Under Management. We made asset management safe.

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