Top Traders’ Results in August
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With MBN, we provide a blockchain-based tool that safely connects traders and investors thanks to its smart contract mechanics. We have a growing user base and we’re happy to announce you the best performing traders of August 2020.

Our TOP Traders generate a high APY

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield, the actual return earned in a year when interest is compounded. That means, every time your trading contract ends, you’ll reinvest the complete sum into your trader. The more often you repeat this, the better your return will be.

Asset manager — a trader who generates profits for the investor and receives fees in ETH, BTC, or USDT for his service.

Current APY = The trader’s exact performance so far summarized to get the current return for a year.

Average APY = The trader’s average monthly performance x 12 to get the expected return for a year.

Alphabetical order

APEX is active on MBN for six months and gained the most attention thanks to his almost unbroken series of profitable contracts — 40 positives. He recently announced APEX Lite in his first medium article, enabling investors to start with a smaller budget. His monthly performance in August was 4.7% and his current APY is 39.7%, which leads to an expected average APY of 103.4%.

APEX’s profile on MBN platform:

Trader and Asset manager FAIRLOSS is known for his passion for trading with heatmaps and knows his business. He’s trading and managing MBN investors' assets for two months and all of his five contracts have been closed positive. During August, he did great and showed monthly performance of 16.1%. His current APY is 18.8%, which leads to an expected average APY of 187.7%.

FAIRLOSS’s profile on MBN platform:

ROHITWORKS also started two months ago and is an enthusiastic trader who always provides us valuable trading charts in our telegram community. This often leads to engaging conversations between our traders. In August, his monthly performance was 6.3%. His current APY is 8.8%, which leads to an expected average APY of 66.1%.

ROHITWORKS’s profile on MBN platform:

Introducing TOP Trader tags

We’re happy to introduce the top trader tags in our telegram channel. Each month, our best performing traders will receive a unique tag so you can easily recognize them and get in contact. Either to discuss their trading style or to get a contract on MBN.

Statistics explained

You may want to know how we calculate these statistics. So let’s take an in-depth look into it. We use two main parameters, which are:
1) average contract profit
2) performance.

The average contract profit represents the average profitability per investment contract with this asset manager.

Profit1 + Profit2 +…+ ProfitN / N

Profit1 — is the profit per single contract and can be found at the asset manager’s profile. You can choose any Asset Manager in MBN’s rating page to have a look at it.

N — total number of contracts, active and finished ones.

The (monthly) performance shows the returns you could expect with this trader. In other words, it represents the net change in assets during a month and takes deposits and withdrawals into the calculation. The formula we use for this is the following:

[(A1 + W) — (A0 + D)] / (A0 + D)

Here’s an example:
Let’s say that in March 2020, you’ve invested 1000$ in a trader via the MBN platform. You’ve lost 200$ and deposited an additional 500$. Later, you gained 600$ by trading, which leads to a total value of 1900$ for your assets. You took some profit and withdrew 300$, which changes your equity to 1600$. So how do you know your return for March?

[(1600 + 300) — (1000 + 500)] / (1000 + 500)
= (1900–1500) / 1500
= 400 / 1500
= 0.26667

Therefore, the return for March, including withdrawals and deposits, was: 26.6%

We’re calculating the yearly performance traditionally by multiplying the monthly returns during the year. So if the returns over 12 months are r1,r2,r3… r12, then the annual return is:

(1+r1)(1+r2)… (1+r12) -1

Our trader and asset manager APEX started in March 2020. Let’s take his monthly returns as an example.

March: 3.6%
April: -7.2%
May: 21.3%
June: 2.1%
July: 12%
August: 4.7%

This leads to a current yearly return of:

(1+0.036)(1–0.072)(1+0.21)(1+0.0.2)(1+0.12)(1+0.05)-1 = 39.7%

Yes, we know it looks complicated, and we won’t leave you alone here. We are currently upgrading our profit calculator and will soon release it. This tool will do all the math for you so you can play around and find your ideal trader.

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