Traders about MBN Global: «The platform has a great potential!»

They are winners of first six rounds of Global Traders Competition! They came out of shadows today by introducing themselves and revealing their trading secrets in a falling cryptomarket.

Say hello, guys! Prodromos from USA (New Jersey), Robert from Zagreb Croatia, Gennevieve from Philippines and Vladimir from Russia (Krasnodar). Vladimir won three rounds of our Competition with profit=311 Tournament points and we interviewed his separately! Let’s look what other winners were saying.

Robert from Zagreb Croatia won third round of Global Traders Competition (his profit is 20,65 Tournament points). He’s 39, works at NGO organization, and started trading few months ago. «I’m a bit of an IT freak» — he said.

- How did you know about Global Traders Competition? Why did you decide to participate?

- I read about it in Medium article in July. As there is a lot of scammers in crypto world, I started doing research about MBN. I just couldn’t believe it was true. I mean, giving $100 to all participants, having them keep the profit, giving them points that will be exchanged for MBN tokens, and even a special financial price pool for all traders — all that sounded too good to be true.

I even came hard on your admins via telegram, but after talking to them and doing my research, I came to conclusion that MBN Platform is legit and decided to paricipate.

It was a great opportunity to learn how to trade and have some fun without any risks. Few of my friends joined Competition, so it is even more fun now.

- Are you going to use MBN Platform for trading in the nearest future?

As I decided to participate, I started to learn about MBN PLatform and came to conclusion that it is a great project! The concept of a one place for traders to trade instead of multiple exchanges is great! Great commodity! If everything goes well, I’m sure I will use MBN Platform when it comes on cryptomarket. I’m glad I’ll be having MBN tokens at the end of the Competition. I think, MBN Platform is in pretty good shape now. Still needs some polishing, correcting few errors here and there, but I would say MBN has a great potential!

Next winner is Prodoromos from New Jersey, USA. He won the fourth round (profit=11,18 Tournament points) but trading it’s not his main activity. Trading came into his life 18 months ago.

-”I found you thru the Trust wallet & followed you on Twitter.

I decided to join for few reasons:

A. I love competition

B. I’m very interested in all new crypto startups with actual working tech. I believe, blockchain will be an integral part of our future.

C. The chance to win money ;)» — Prodoromos said.

- What do you think about MBN Global ?

- So far so good. As long as the team is active and continues to make improvements, I will continue to use this platform. I like the updated payout feature for the prize pool. I think it’s fair and makes every week of competition really exciting! I am very happy and grateful to receive MBN tokens at the end of the competition :)

Winner of the second round of our Competition shines against backgrounds of other participants. Gennevieve is…young beautiful woman! She’s 23, works at private company, and lives in Philippines.

- How long have you been trading for? Is it your main activity?

- I just started trading this year, and no, it’s not my main activity… I just work on it whenever I’m here at the office and at my leisure time.

- Are you glad to get MBN tokens at the end of Global Traders Competition? How would you rate the perspectives of MBN Global?

- Of course, I’m glad! This platform is building its own name without pleasing everybody to join them. It’s one of the things that makes it stand out of all the platforms out there. Another big plus is that they have a very accomodating staff. I am sure, you’ll have no regrets in joining them. I’d give the highest rating possible for this MBN Platform. Keep up the good work and God Bless :)

We want to thank all participants and winners of our Competition for appreciating our hard work! You can make money even in a falling cryptomarket! It is great possibility of calling the attention of investors to trust management of digital assets!

Global Traders Competition will continue for the next few months!

Everyone has the opportunity to join our Competition, get free $100, win the prize pool of $100,000 and even get MBN tokens at the end of Competition!

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