Why invest in MBN is a smart move? All advantages in the one article

Project information

MBN is a transparent, blockchain-based ecosystem to work with financial markets and to conclude contracts for trust management.
We empower everyone with a secure opportunity to receive financial freedom!

Why invest in MBN?

  • Product. Working product (Public Beta) with over 3000 customers. Desktop and Mobile versions are released. Already 2888 trust management contracts concluded with $1,6M trading volume. Final release in Q4 2019.
  • Rewards. Stake MBN tokens to receive profit in MBN tokens and BTC
  • Team. Expert development team from Russia and worldwide network of brand managers and ambassadors. Supported by top experts from JP Morgan, CME, Goldman Sachs.
  • Listing confirmed: Listing on 3 exchanges on 17th June — ABCC, KRX exchange, Probit.
  • Community. High ratings on ICO trackers and big community — 80k telegram users. 2 US venture funds have already invested into the company (Coinbar group and Firstblock Ventures).

Token usage

The MBN token is an ERC-20 compliant token to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The MBN token model is giving different kind of utilities, which offers interacting with the platform and directly with other users.

Additionally, there are multiple stacking features, which allows users to receive rewards, benefits and governance of community operated fund. Customers are encouraged to stack tokens or use tokens as a payment method providing organic growth of token ecosystem.

Token use-cases:

MBN token usage

Staking rewards

The reward is calculated as a: Personal reward = Total reward / Personal share in stacking pool

Staking rewards levels

Token metrics

Price for sale rounds

Token distribution

Vesting period and lock-ups

Early investors. Tokens are locked and released during 6 months after IEO ends.
Public sale participants. Bonus part is locked for 1 months after IEO ends.
Founders. 6 months lockup after IEO end, then token are released during 6 months.
Advisors. 6 months lockup after IEO end, then token are released during 6 months.

Investor exit strategy

Exit strategy for buyers of MBN tokens is to sell tokens on secondary market. It can be done directly on the exchange or through OTC deal.
Key markets for selling tokens are located in Asia. They are — China, South Korea, Malaysia.
To provide exit opportunity for early investor and constant growth of token valuation, MBN is aiming on 4 directions:


Right now the product is in public Beta stage with over 3000 customers using the platform. We are making constant releases with new features, creating more usage for the MBN token. The main growth point will happen in Q4 2019 with Final Release of the product.

Exchange listing
Listing on exchanges widers the active user base, creates cross-exchange arbitrage which raise the volumes and increase liquidity and interest for the token. We have already established listing partnerships with four big Asian exchanges — ABCC, KRX exchange, IDAX and Probit.

Market making
To provide proper market making we are working with two companies: Coinbar group and Coin Liquidity Solutions. These companies are providing us help to establish active secondary market, with addition to the marketing and community engagement events.

For creating high demand on secondary market we have prepared several marketing campaigns. They will create organic growth of the token price.

• Roadshow and public appearance promoting the Final Release.
• Ambassador program — working with successful traders to promote the product.
• Marketing campaign on tradingview.
• Marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google, Naver, Baidu, Instagram.
• Constant customer development and bounty for ideas.
• Gamification — introduction on various gamification activities on the platform more user involvement.
• Referral and customer acquisition programs.


By investing in MBN tokens you can join the revolutionary project on its early steps. Early buyers will enjoy significant bonuses, big stacking rewards and will be able to capture more token price growth than late investors.

Join MBN IEO on ABCC exchange which is starting 3th june and receive best public price and 12% bonus for your investment!

Know more about MBN.global:
Website Telegram Twitter




Ecosystem for Assets Under Management. We made asset management safe. https://mbn.global

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Ecosystem for Assets Under Management. We made asset management safe. https://mbn.global

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