Wow! Beta of MBN Platform! What’s new?

We are glad to present a beta version of the trust management platform of digital assets MBN Global! The first testers were satisfied, you should try it.

What we’ve upgrated?

1) Server architecture is fully reworked: monolith application is split into several services, each of them responsible for a specific task. This will allow to scale and extend the platform much easier (e.g. adding multiple exchange, connecting to other than Ethereum blockchains etc.).

2) Api key splitting: it is possible now to conclude contracts with several trades using the same api key, specifying amount of assets, that are given in trust management to each trader. Investor cannot use (trade or invest) assets, that are used in contracts.

When sending request to a trader, investor specifies exact amount of assets he wants to give to the trader in management.

Note: investor is discouraged to trade on an exchange directly, if he has active contracts, as he can accidentally exceed amount he can use (which is total amount minus amount on contracts). In that case, active contracts will be finished and trader will receive his fee in full, despite his trading results. Withdrawals are also treated with caution and investor should always check in MBN Platform how much assets he can use.

3) Added Binance exchange (also in the future we will add such exchanges as Huobi, Kucoin, Gate)

4) Users cannot enter several different API keys from the same exchange account. It mean’s that one account — one API key in the MBN Platform. It’s comfortably — an investor can transfer the contract from one API key to several traders at the same time!

What will we improve in the near future?

1) Traders and investor rating system will be developed

2) EOS integration

3) Reworked server API, preparing to release public API documentation

More than 400 users already sign contracts for trust management of digital assets via MBN platform. An investor can transfer the contract from one API key to several traders at the same time.

Try and enjoy!

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