▪️ Launching of MBN Signals: Trading & Investments

MBN Global connects traders and investors and it’s important for both parties to be on the same page and follow the best market ideas and trading trends. Looking forward on a steady temps of our #TradingView channel growth , we decided to wide this marketing direction in Telegram.

MBN Signals: trading and investments :

$ARPA — 2 profit targets reached(+60%)
$BAND — 2 profit targets reached (+32 %)
$ALGO — 2 profit targets reached ( +110%)
$ZIL — 2 profit targets reached (+120%)


▪️ $MBN token is available on $1inch with MBN/ETH trading

Trade MBN on 1inch now!

MBN Global, the risk management platform that safely connects traders and investors via blockchain smart contracts, proudly informs you about the latest technical development done.

We performed a front-end update, including the following three additions and optimizations requested by the community.

New: Active and finished contracts history added

Finally, you can see your active and finished contracts with your asset managers and investors. For each contractor, you’ll see the start and finish date, start and finish balance, profit made, and the fees. You’ll have three tabs to switch between active contracts, finished contracts, and orders. Check the page here: https://app.mbn.global/history/contracts

Source: https://app.mbn.global/history/finishedContracts

New: “How it works” page added

To help our new investors and traders…

TradingView, one of the best charting software available with a highly active community currently has over 11 million users that created more than 27 million charts. As MBN.global is all about investors meeting traders, TradingView is an ideal place to get attention and attract new users to the MBN platform.

The best MBN asset managers publish their trading ideas and charts on our premium account to engage with the TradingView community and get their attention. Discover the first two posts created by our top trader and asset manager ROHITWORKSS:

Thanks for supporting this…

With MBN, we provide a blockchain-based tool that safely connects traders and investors thanks to its smart contract mechanics. We have a growing user base and we’re happy to announce you the best performing traders of August 2020.

Our TOP Traders generate a high APY

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield, the actual return earned in a year when interest is compounded. That means, every time your trading contract ends, you’ll reinvest the complete sum into your trader. The more often you repeat this, the better your return will be.

Asset manager — a trader who generates profits for the investor and receives fees in ETH, BTC…

Recently, we’ve informed you that we want to build a community based on trust and transparency. To begin with this, we want to clarify controversial topics that have been around since early 2020. This clarification allows us to focus on substantial growth and move on together with a positive spirit.

Let’s take a look into the history of MBN

MBN launched as Membrana in Summer 2017. We planned to release the alpha version of the MBN platform at first and then do an ICO (initial coin offering). So we wanted to have the product done before doing marketing, as it’s all about a reliable product. Once we released the…

In this article, we would like to describe the details of COF token reserve distribution and burning mechanics and introduce the active loyalty programs for asset managers.

What is COF — Community Operated Fund

The community operated fund is a pool of crypto assets, capitalized from the MBN team, community members, and external investors, which is managed by traders from the MBN community.

The goal of COF is to provide traders with crypto assets for management and create multiple business opportunities for MBN customers.

Everyone can take part in COF, performing as an investor or as a trader.

To join COF, click on the links below and…

How to build a strong community? Listen to what they want and take care of them.

MBN is moving in a transparent direction and wants to build a community based on trust. For this goal, we have defined the following actions.

1. Regular communication

We will communicate regularly about our business developments to keep you up-to-date. For this purpose, we have planned three reports:

A) Weekly traders performance report

B) Monthly traders performance report

C) Monthly MBN general report

Traders performance reports (A+B) will be published in our official Telegram channel https://t.me/mbnglobal_ann.

In the monthly MBN general report, we inform you about our…

Today we are excited to announce that the MBN token has been listed on Uniswap with MBN/ETH trading available there.

Uniswap currently is one of the leading decentralized exchange protocols, which allows performing instant swaps with the use of your ERC20 wallet. It also utilizes on-chain liquidity pools that allow you to exchange tokens without using classic order books or even requiring an exchange account. So you can create your own liquidity pool and earn on the commission fees!

How to purchase MBN on Uniswap

  • Access the Uniswap.
  • Log into your Metamask wallet, click on “Connect” and authorize with your…

MBN platform introduces the loyalty program for asset managers.
Asset manager — is a trader managing investors’ funds.

We establish 25 mln MBN tokens for this program.

How to take part?

1 Become an asset manager on MBN platform. If you don’t have an account yet, this is a good time to get started. Registration.

2Meet all rules (listed in this article below). Contact us using this form: Google Form.

3 Wait for your answer. You can start to trade anytime, but we might include you in the program later, after reaching good results.

How does it work?

The asset manager has to manage investors' funds on MBN…

Previously in the article exploring the Final Release, we have scheduled updates in UI/UX for March. We updated the MBN Platform with:
1) New trading charts system:

Orders are displayed on the charts

2) New UI/UX for choosing markets:


Ecosystem for Assets Under Management. We made asset management safe. https://mbn.global

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